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  • Laser alignments : Adjustable Focus Green Dot Laser Alignment
    I just want to share my wonderful experience of using green dot laser alignment in my work. This is just a very portable pen designed dot measuring pen, which has quite similar structure with a laser pointer, but it always brings be totally different experience in operation. This laser alignment tool adopts industrial design standard. It is able to
  • Laser alignments : Continuous Line from Red Line Laser Alignment
    It is not the first time I am asked to make a review about laser alignment. This time I am requested to do review on the line projecting red laser alignment. This is a 650nm red laser diode light emitting source manufactured line laser alignment, allowing highly stable and reliable line projection on all targeting fields precisely and accurately. I
  • Laser alignments : Adjustable Focus Red Dot Laser Alignment Review
    Red dot laser alignment is a quite special gadget that is specially designed and configured with adjustable focus function. According to easy screwing of the head of laser alignment, the emitting red light spot can be adjustable until getting the most satisfied size of light spot on targeted surfaces. Along with the gradually matured industry, more
  • Laser alignments : Red Dot Laser Alignment for Accurate Dot Measurement
    There is more than one time when red dot laser alignment is being used for reference dot measurement in most of industrial alignment field. This advanced laser tech applied gadget is widely applied in various kinds of industrial dot emitting fields such as laser marking machine, textile industry such as garment button positioning, laser engraving m